Project Description

VDOT has always been a leader, looking towards the future for innovation and ingenuity, to maintain and expand our states infrastructure. It was time to look inward and at their own workplace strategy. At the core of their downtown Richmond Central Campus was the Highway Building and as the first impression space, the HR department on first floor was the ideal candidate to initiate the change.

Both Senior Leadership and the HR Director understood the importance of rethinking the workplace. The agency was experiencing the same challenges of most workplaces with the attraction and retention of talent, along with a generation shifting to retirement. The design team’s objective was to create a dynamic welcoming environment, provide alternative work settings to promote connectivity and individual growth, and to strategically space plan unassigned workstations.


  • Interior Design
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Furniture Specification
  • Lighting Design
  • Signage
  • Construction Documentation



  • VASCUPP Contract # 7748325CP-1


  • VA-SWaM Certification #7149, including Micro Business designation
  • MD-Small Business Certification: #SB06-2164



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