Reception Area & Lobby

Before & After


Before & After

2nd Floor Collaborative Space & Offices

Before (Top Left) & After

Project Description

We were asked by one of our long-time corporate clients to renovate this office suite. Before, the space was heavily partitioned and presented barriers to collaboration. The design needed to be open, brighter, and more contemporary in style.

In order to make the space feel as large as possible, demountable walls replaced existing drywall to separate offices from adjacent spaces. This allows for better sight lines through the space and for natural light to actually permeate into the space. Bold colors on the back walls of the offices pull your eye through the space and tie back to the client’s brand.

With glass-front offices, the furniture needed a clean and sleek aesthetic — everything is on display and the company is moving towards a paperless workplace. Height adjustable desks are standard in the new office typicals, supporting workplace wellness.

To promote collaboration, multiple types of group work areas were created with flexible furniture. This allows each group to customize the layout to their specific needs. An expanded break area upstairs with a new seating area allows for causal socializing.

We understand that budget, phasing and the constraints of an existing building can sometimes feel limiting.  We thrive in creating re-imagined spaces within the rigid parameters of office renovations!


  • Interior Design
  • Finish Specification
  • Casework Design
  • Furniture and Equipment Inventory
  • Furniture Specification
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Administration



  • VASCUPP Contract # 7748325CP-1


  • VA-SWaM Certification #7149, including Micro Business designation
  • MD-Small Business Certification: #SB06-2164



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