Project Description

The first project phase of seven, focuses on the East Wing of the Innsbrook Technical Center, which contains 3 floors of office space, conference rooms, collaboration spaces, storage, and galleys.

The new design aimed to modernize the space by utilizing clean lines, enhancing wayfinding elements, and optimizing natural light. The new corporate workplace strategy allowed the plan to transform. By moving the offices off the perimeter and lowering the workstation panels, natural light permeates throughout the open office. Glass fronts on the offices and collaborative spaces allow for natural light into the building interior and visual connection to the open office beyond. Collaborative spaces now range from formal conference rooms to one-on-one spaces and open lounge, allowing employees to choose a space that works for their needs. Each floor features Focus Rooms for heads down work, phone calls, or a retreat from the open office.


  • Interior Design
  • Wayfinding
  • Furniture Specification
  • Construction Documentation



  • VASCUPP Contract # 7748325CP-1


  • VA-SWaM Certification #7149, including Micro Business designation
  • MD-Small Business Certification: #SB06-2164



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Phone: (804) 527-0131
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