Messaging In Interior Design

The last step in the Placemaking process is to apply a carefully crafted message. This message should be unique to the space and may be derived from an organizational mission, function, goal, or may be shaped by some larger cultural or historical context. In higher...

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10 Higher Education Design Trends: Part 2

6: Work Surfaces – We’ve polled quite a few students and more often than not  we get an overwhelming number of requests for fewer lounge pieces and more work surfaces! Sure, big comfy lounge chairs have their place (see #9 on the list), but students really want to be...

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Designer Spotlight: Beth Dickerson

Favorite things: Pantone Color: 7438C Musical Group: The Beatles Athlete: Payton Manning Sports Team: Indianapolis Colts Ice Cream: Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche.....Mmmmmmm Drink: Mojito Meal: Shellfish of any kind Season: Autumn, because of the rich fall colors Let's...

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Designer Spotlight: Kenneth Stump

Favorite things: Pantone Color: PMS 343 Phone App: Stitcher Athlete: Alex Ovechkin Ice Cream: Ritas Vanilla Custard Drink: Bourbon on ice Meal: Linguine with White Clam Sauce Let's get personal: Deepest Fear:  I think it must be drowning.  I hate movie scenes where...

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