Small Budget, Big Impact!

Mar 16, 2018 | Interior Design Trends

Sometimes a space just needs to tell a story to come alive!

How often do we experience unremarkable environments that fade into the background? Sometimes a space has everything it it needs to function on the most basic level, but still lacks the inspiration to add value. Adding elements of vision, message and culture to connect people to place is what we call “Placemaking”. This can create impact that is meaningful and can be executed for less than your typical renovation. Below are some ways that we have added value to simple spaces with small budgets!

KSA Interiors Re-Brand

In our case we already had an integrated brand fused into our front lobby, but it was time for an update to reflect the new re-brand. The renovation included new paint colors, new flooring, added graphic wall mural and dimensional lettering.

VCU Campus Learning Center @ Hibbs

Our scope was minimal, using paint and wall graphics to create destinations that reinforce the learning center’s brand, culture and message.




VSU Welcome Center Collage Wall

Although the Welcome Center’s new location at the Multipurpose Center was newly constructed it lacked character.


VCU Cabell Library Elevator Lobby

The elevator lobbies in Cabell library have always been a high traffic circulation nexus in the heart of the library and has even maintained relevance with the new addition. This is an ideal location to connect people to place by adding iconic imagery of the surrounding Monroe campus paired with the the libraries mission alongside wayfinding elements of floor number through graphic typography and color association.


NRC Branded Wall

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is a federal entity that came to the table with a vision of using our country’s preamble paired with the national flag. We were able to take that idea and create an elegant, dimensional wall mural by abstracting the undulating kinetic motion of our national flag to compliment our founding fathers immortal words.