Snow Day!

Dec 18, 2017 | KSA Interiors

Winter has arrived early this year adding to the holiday spirit. Our furry friends took advantage of the snow day, some more than others!


With 10 inches of snow, both of Erin’s pugs, Jack and Dopey were not happy the snow was as tall as they were!

Abbott and Costello prefer the fireplace in Cameron’s livingroom while Duskee sleeps by the window.

Naaz says Hubble loves it! He just sits outside for long persiods of time. It helps to to be so fluffy with a double coat!

Lydia was able to get one of her dogs to stay out in the snow long enough to take this photo. Kaya is channeling her nordic ancestry!

Beth wanted to contribute to snow day pets, so here is Floppy enjoying the fireplace after being

Elizabeth shares this image of Rose, who was not a fan of the snow. Although she looks cozy in her sweater!

Diane’s dog Brooklyn loves the snow!

Mary Katherine shares this image of Sadie watching the snow activities and enjoying the warmth of the radiator.

Heather says Laddie is not amused with this photo op! And look how the snow clings onto his fur!

Ally blends in well to the snow but is ready to come back in. Tammi’s livingroom is a perfect place for Ally, Jack and Luna to enjoy the fireplace.