Designer Spotlight: Heather Croy

Feb 22, 2016 | Designer Spotlight

Favorite things:

Pantone Color: 3268c

Phone App: Snapseed

Athlete: Dara Torres

Ice Cream: Pumpkin

Drink: Hard cider in the summer and Chai latte in the winter

Meal: Macaroni & cheese

Season: Fall – boot weather!

Let’s get personal:

Deepest Fear: I’m not a fan of heights

Favorite way to waste a Saturday: Chai, dog walks, creative projects, dinner out with the hubs and movies on the couch.

Superpower you wish you had: Instantaneous self-healing power.  My noggin’ has had more than its fair share of run-ins with the uneven sidewalks of RVA.

When I was little I wanted to be….?: An environmental scientist.  It was the 70s and anti-littering campaigns were huge.

If you could learn a new craft, what would it be?

Nothing involving knives or power tools – that’s just asking for trouble (unless the aforementioned self-healing power was in play). Probably some sort of mixed media art venture that would add to and make use of my enormous stash of craft supplies.  And then I’ll need a cool studio out in the back yard to make the magic happen.

Who is a designer that inspires you? 

Geninne Zlatkis – an artist and product designer.  Her imagination and meticulous attention to detail are captivating.

Most memorable design school moment?

Sweeping my school’s annual interior design awards during my senior year!

If you could design anything, what would it be? 

The perfect planner system.  Infinitely adjustable for your needs, yet hard bound.