Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Wardlaw

Dec 28, 2021 | Designer Spotlight, News, Uncategorized

KSA welcomes back to our studio Elizabeth Wardlaw. We first met her when she was our talented summer intern while studying Interior Design at VCU. We are so glad to have her back with us as an Interior Designer II, bringing her passion for meaningful design, attention to detail, and fresh perspective. Not only have we gained a talented designer, but we have gained a superstar studio dog, Banksy!

Favorite things:

Pantone Color: 2189 C— that’s a good one. 

Phone AppIt is called Blossom- it keeps me from being a plant killer which is very exciting. I do not have a natural green thumb, so this app is a lovely wealth of knowledge to help keep track of my houseplant jungle.

Musical Group: I don’t have a specific one, but if it is classic rock or country I’m probably into it; CCR, Def Leppard, etc.

Sports TeamNew York Giants

Ice Cream: Turkey Hill Mint Choco Chip—specifically that one.

Meal: I could eat breakfast three meals a day…for a specific favorite, I’d say blueberry waffles. 

SeasonI love them all, except for Spring— Spring I could skip.

Let’s get personal:

Deepest Fear:A wall squatter being the reason I misplace things as opposed to forgetfulness…Or

Singing under my breath on a zoom call then finding out I’m not muted.

Favorite way to waste a Saturday: Running around the river trails with my dog—she’s the best and the outdoors are the best.

Superpower you wish you had:  Elemental Control—no question

When I was little I wanted to be….?: A ballerina; unfortunately, I was born with two left feet. 

Most meaningful design project?

The most meaningful design project I ever took part in was while I was in college. I was on a team that worked with Habitat for Humanity to design a dream room for a nine-year-old boy’s first room (and first bed) ever. My partner and I teamed with small businesses and spent weeks planning and then hand crafting almost everything, besides the upholstery, that went into the room. I worked with reps, contractors, and local craftspeople all for one bedroom. Size wise, it may always be the smallest project I’ve ever done. Meaning-wise? I couldn’t have imagined a more valuable experience to have at the start of my career and in my life. Our boy would’ve been happy to see a bed in a painted room. I am so proud to say we built him so much more. Working with that family and the group of professionals who assisted my team was grounding and invaluable. Everyone matters, every opportunity has value, and sometimes the smallest people can teach you the biggest lessons.

If you could learn a new craft, what would it be?

I have always wanted to learn fruit carving- I’d love to roll up to a summer cookout sporting a majestic watermelon. 

Who is a designer that inspires you?

Gio Ponti and Patricia Urquiola

If you could design anything, what would it be?

Top two dreams would be to design parklets galore and a fully decked out orphanage.