Kelley O’Leary reflects on her time at KSA Interiors

Oct 7, 2020 | Designer Spotlight, KSA Interiors, News

It’s been eight years since Kelley started her design journey with KSA Interiors. We have all become to know her as many things: a color enthusiast, a TV addict, a knockout knitter, a KSA social media mastermind, and a KSA photoshoot model. Most importantly, she is an undeniable force of interior design here at KSA. With her recent promotion to ID3, let’s reflect with Kelley!


What was your first project at KSA?

The first project I saw completed was VCU Student Commons. It was so cool to see something that I had in my head become reality!



What has been your favorite project at KSA so far and why?

My favorite project so far was probably the ABC Store at Short Pump because it had so many custom elements that we really thought about and designed in detail. The end result was so fun as well!



Looking back, what design advice would you have wanted to tell your younger self?

I would want to explain to myself how critical effective design communication is. It is great to have cool ideas in your head but unless you can help others, including non-designers, visualize what you are thinking, you can’t be successful. It is something that isn’t focused on as much in school and is something I really had to learn once I started working.


What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

I really enjoy helping end users solve their space problems. I find it so fulfilling to help create a space that really affects the inhabitants in a positive way!