Happy Retirement Beth!

Aug 13, 2019 | Designer Spotlight, KSA Interiors, News

Please join KSA in extending our best wishes to Beth Dickerson, who is retiring on August 15th. Beth has been with us since 2001, and she will be greatly missed by clients and colleagues alike. She has worn many hats during her tenure here, from providing unparalleled client services onsite at Altria/Philip Morris to developing complex, award winning retail lighting design. We have all benefited from the knowledge and lighting expertise she has shared. We will miss her dedication, kindness, and radiant smile and most of all!


Favorite Project?

Short Pump ABC store – The project team at ABC was really fun to work with.  They gave us lots of leeway to research and explore how people shop in their stores, so we could come up with effective traffic patterns and displays.  I especially enjoyed specifying the lighting, which included display lighting and custom fixtures.  We also designed new and unique displays that had never been tried in their other stores.  We are really pleased with the result, and the store seems to be doing well.  It was a fun project.


Memorable moments?

There are many memorable moments.  I think top of the list is when Abbey Mitas was leaving her position at Philip Morris, and I was training to fill in until a replacement could be found.  On her last day, I turned to walk into my workstation and was stopped by a giant Minion.   See attachment.  Thanks, Anthony Corcoran.  I also have good memories of Halloween at KSA – everyone participates, and the costumes are very creative.  The photo shoots are the so fun.

What will you miss most about your time at KSA?

I will miss seeing all my friends at the KSA office and at Altria and Philip Morris every day.  I have learned so much from each of them, laughed over their stories, and cried over their tragedies.  They supported me when I needed them most, and I am so grateful for having all of them in my life.

What do you look forward to most after retirement?

Sleeping in on Monday mornings 😊 Actually, Gary and I are planning our travel schedule.  First stop is Indiana to see our son, Chad, visit other family members and an art fair.  Next is Montana to see our daughter, Maia, and Glacier National Park.  We like to visit quirky attractions off the beaten path, so I look forward to some amusements along the way.