Top Transformations: Before & Afters

Mar 16, 2018 | Project Spotlight

Seeing the before can make the after even more dramatic!

We don’t always remember how our space looked before a redesign or we might see the before differently once we see the after. Today, we take a look back at some of the top before and afters that KSA has designed in recent years.

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) – Harris Hall, Focused Inquiry Learning Lab (FILL)

FILL was previously an administrative office suite within one of VCU’s classroom buildings. The space was redesigned to provide a place for first year students to work together for their Focused Inquiry class, providing places to study, practice public speaking, get writing help, etc. After the design was implemented, professors started using this space to teach their classes in as well!




Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) – Tompkins McCaw Basement Collaboration Lounge

Previously this under utilized basement space housed media computers and an assortment of supplies. With no access to natural light and a low ceiling, establishing a creative, inviting and energizing space was a challenge. To create a departure from the institutional environments that most medical students endure throughout their studies, we decided to infuse the space with a pop of electric pink against crisp bright whites and a layering of graphic geometric wall panels. Now the students refer to it as the “bubble lounge” and has become a fun informal retreat.




Private Corporate Client – Office Space

This space was an old, vacant office space that was completely transformed into a collaborative, project-oriented workspace. The main goals of the project were to brighten up the space – there were not a lot of windows and the existing finishes made the space feel dark – and to open up the space so that it could include multiple work styles.




Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) – Founder’s Corner

VCU decided that they wanted to use a previously unused space to create an entrepreneurial space in the Student Commons. The space changed dramatically from a storage room to a bright, fun, flexible space that can be used by groups to work collaboratively.


VCU Student Commons Founder's Corner VCU Founder's Corner-Wink Wall & Meeting Area

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) – Student Commons

KSA had the opportunity to update a space that they had previously worked on! For the 50th anniversary of the Student Commons, VCU wanted a space that was branded to help draw students to the university and remind current students of their VCU pride. The new design created clear destination points in the space through the use of experiential graphics as well as varied seating arrangements for a variety of postures.



Virginia ABC – Short Pump Premier Store

The Short Pump ABC Store moved a couple doors down in the same shopping center, but is still a great before and after story. The Premier Store program allows select locations to take on a unique feel and design. In Short Pump’s case, the store went from the ABC typical to a store that highlights Richmond’s heritage. Custom signage applications feature Prohibition Era photography and finishes throughout the space highlight Richmond (columns, brickwork, custom lighting, etc).

dsc03960 Virginia_ABC_ShortPump_Casework

dsc03945 dsc03950 Virginia ABC Shortpump Mini-bins

VCU Hunton Hall – Lower Level Event Space

The Hunton Student Center houses many student centered services including a career center, student government offices, reservable study rooms and large open lounge areas. The basement space was not being utilized as the cafeteria space originally programmed since the food service vendors had left. With minor construction alterations, updated finishes and furnishings, and a new sense of purpose, the space now serves as a multi-purpose event space.