Happy Holidays from KSA!

Dec 18, 2017 | KSA Interiors

Every year, we do a Secret Santa gift exchange at our Holiday party – with a twist! Instead of buying a gift for a colleague, we buy a toy to donate to Toys for Tots in the spirit of that person. This year, we thought that we would give you more insight into us based on what we bought each other!

Happy Holidays from all of us at KSA!

for abbey

From Erin: Abbey and I went to Italy together on study abroad in college. We sure could have used some scrabble to keep us entertained on all the plane / train / bus rides we encountered!

for cameron

From Tammi: My gift is for Cameron. It is a Moana Doll and I thought it was perfect for Cameron since she goes to Hawaii every couple of years to visit her mom and loves the islands.

for elizabeth

From Heather: From one dog lover to another.

for heather

From Lorri: Heather always has great jewelry and with this she could make her own!

for kelley

From Lizzi: One of the first things I learned that Kelley and I have in common is our love for crime shows!

for lizzi

From Elizabeth: Lizzi is a senior Interior Design Major at VCU. I got gifts to follow the following story: You arrive at school with a love for unique, fun design and all things creative (blue zipper pouch). When reality sets in, students acquire additional supplies and accept that they are always busy (pink pouch). Then, you begin acquiring skills such as juggling priorities and solving puzzles (juggling balls and puzzles). But really, at the end of the day, what you value most is a good night’s sleep (baby doll in crib).

for lydia

From Cameron: I feel like Lydia was a fairy in a past life!

for naaz

From Lydia: I chose the Doc McStuffins and Friends toy for Naaz. Doc McStuffins is a young girl who uses her magical doctor skills to fix the ailments of her closest friends – her toys. When she is struggling to diagnose an illness she consults “the Big Book of Boo Boos” for help. This toy reminded me of our lovely Naaz because she has always been my boo boo go-to. Like Doc McStuffins, Doctor Naaz will always look out for her closest friends – the designers at KSA. If she cannot find the solution in the encyclopedia that is her brain, she will consult her own personal version of “the Big Book of Boo Boos” known as “the internet.” Naaz will go to any length for her KSA buddies, and that’s why we love her!

for beth

From Naaz: Because Beth likes to go fast!

for diane

From Sara: I was curious about what it means to be a Mason Jar enthusiast as defined in her profile. Whether it is caning or collecting, these “jars” were too cute to pass on.

for erin

From Beth: For Erin – Because she’s an expert on how to put things together and manage projects.

for jenna

From Mary Katherine: Jenna always has the most perfect nails that she does herself! I like imagining young Jenna having fun with this girly set.

for kim

From Abbey: Once a Hokie, always a Hokie!

for lorri

From Diane: There is nothing more that Lorri loves than Alabama football!

for mary katherine

From Kim: Mary Katherine is my inspiration for selecting Lea’s Beach Hut for this year’s holiday gift. I love that it is construction by and for young ladies. It definitely speaks to our profession of design.

for sara

From Kelley: When Sara used to design plush toys, she would make her mockups using clay. Her and I also had a fun Play-doh experience at an event. Shopkins also reminds me of her daughter, who dressed up as one for Halloween.

for tammi

From Jenna: This year for Secret Santa, I had Tammi. One of her side hustles is teaching water exercise classes. Inspired by that, I found Barbie dolls all decked out to join Tammi in one of her classes in the pool!