Biomimicry in Interior Design

Jul 18, 2016 | Interior Design Trends

As designers, the natural world is a great source of inspiration. There’s something about being outdoors that rejuvenates the body and mind. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to get outside for long periods of time during the work day.

As designers have become more aware of the positive influence that nature has on our lives, there has been a shift towards focusing on bringing nature into interior spaces.


Biomimicry, or designing systems based on biological and natural components and processes, can be as simple as the use of color in interiors to the design and construction of an entire building – incorporating natural life with living walls and studying animal habitats to discover new ways of efficiently heating and cooling a building.

VCU_Hunton_Upper LevelWhen designing spaces with biomimicry in mind, simply imitating the natural world with the use of color can be an effective way to help people feel comfortable in new spaces. This is often done by using a dark color on the floor, mid-level colors on the walls, and a light color on the ceiling. This simple solution subconsciously creates a sense of order and balance and helps users easily understand their space.

The ultimate goal of any interior space is to help users feel comfortable and safe in their space, allowing for greater productivity and an improved lifestyle. As biomimicry research continues to evolve, be on the lookout for how interior spaces continue to evolve and take note of how these spaces make you feel.