Messaging In Interior Design

Mar 27, 2016 | Interior Design Tools

The last step in the Placemaking process is to apply a carefully crafted message.

This message should be unique to the space and may be derived from an organizational mission, function, goal, or may be shaped by some larger cultural or historical context. In higher education the message is frequently conveyed through the context of tradition or heritage.  Messaging is where the seed is planted for how you wish to emotionally engage the end-user of a particular interior environment.  This message may be subtle or it may be overt, but it should always be intentional.

Demographic changes are beginning to impact the design of spaces too.  Some organizations are trying to use interior design and Placemaking to attract and retain millennials.  Pay close attention to how your message is crafted and communicated so that it matches the goals you are trying to achieve.  This is the most important aspect of Placemaking.


Positive outcomes of messaging include:

  • Shaping positive perceptions and experiences
  • Experiential alignment with organizational goals, mission, and values
  • Opportunity for branding