What is Placemaking?

Feb 3, 2016 | Interior Design Tools, Interior Design Trends

Every one of us carries within our minds the memory of some place that generates a positive emotional response.

We crave these places; we seek them out; and whether we intentionally realize it, or are subconsciously driven by it, these places shape our interactions. As designers we are tasked with the great responsibility of shaping space and creating places where we are compelled to live, work, and learn.


Placemaking Considerations:VCU_StudentCommons_InformationDesk

  • the physical form of the space
  • the function of the space
  • the history behind the space
  • the desired cultural and emotional impact

The methods by which designers shape space typically rely upon the design tools of form, space, order, color, and texture. With these tools, we can craft interior environments that inspire. But Placemaking often requires a further investigation and shaping of interior space, because Placemaking only works if a space is easily navigable, stress free, and subconsciously reassuring. To gain a sense of place, the inhabitant must know where they are at all times, understand their location’s relationship to the remainder of the environment, and have a sense of unique purpose for that specific space as it contrasts with the larger environment.