KSA Interior’s Logo: Unfolded

Feb 3, 2016 | KSA Interiors

We started by breaking the box of our old red logo. The new logo incorporates an element of dimensionality – as interior designers we deal with space in three dimensions, not just planes. The way the graphic folds in on itself creates a visual frame that one can envision walking through. The design process drives our work. We pride ourselves on using methods of design thinking so that our interior solutions are always grounded in research.  The design process requires iteration and we embrace it!

KSA Interior's Old and New Logo

The logo symbol is a fractal – a figure or surface generated by successive subdivisions of a simpler polygon according to an interative process. This represents how we work. In addition to iteration, the fractal pattern symbolizes our multi-dimensional and diverse experience. Each one of our interior designers brings unique skills and experiences to the table, making our team a stronger whole.

Our rich history is important to us. The KSA red serves as the foundation and grounds the logo both visually and philosophically. The color red evolved to become warmer, in order to elicit more welcoming, fresher, & modern feelings.

Lastly, we incorporated a range of colors that radiate outward from the red to speak to our diverse range of interior design services; space planning, design, move management, experiential graphics, etc. The new logo features a range of colors that radiate outward from that grounded red.  The green and teal accents were added to represent our wellness initiatives.